Why pay for online dating?

Should you pay for online dating?

There are quite a few choices of dating site you do not have to pay for. So it would beg the question, why would anyone consider paying for the same service? The answer is - you do not get the same service. You get a better, more defined service. It should be viewed as an ‘investment’.

By ‘investing’ in this service, with such example like with ‘IQ Elite’, you are acknowledging you are prepared to meet like-minded individual who want similar things to you and are prepared to invest in that. Finding your ideal partner is top on most people’s priority list in life. Parting with a small amount of money in order to achieve this, would prove to be a very beneficial action to take.

It seems to be a no brainer, only if you are serious about finding a partner, using a high quality service. IQ Elite is ideal. The members who have become Premium members are more proactive and extremely committed in their approaches to searching. With IQ Elite, you know you are getting not only intelligent people, but suggestions of people who have been scientifically proven to be a great match for you as all people have to take an IQ Test in order to gain access to other members and potential partners.

What are your thoughts on dating someone who feels it not necessary to buy a subscription that is the same cost of dinner?

IQ Elite is a great way to start searching for your ideal partner, as once you have taken the IQ Test, costing absolutely nothing, you have access to other members and are sent suggestions of members who scientifically match your profile, interests and passions. You can get all this before you decide whether you would like the ‘Premium’ package – involving full access to the whole website.

If these reasons were not enough to convince you to purchase online dating, then here are a few more reasons why you should?

Safety and security

Paying for IQ Elite membership gives you the assurance the website is continually analysed for quality purposes. You will also have access to your own personal inbox email therefore you are able to chat privately to other members only providing personal information that you want to share.


Dating websites you subscribe to have many more resources available to them to invest in the latest innovations – enhanced search tool options, better site navigation, and smarter design – all to increase the users’ usability experience, in order to make all potential dates enjoyable, exciting and efficient.

Dedicated customer care

IQ Elite provides a dedicated team focussed on customer care answering any queries you may have regarding the functionality of the website, contacting your matches or even further details you may request regarding your subscription. The team is available at all times for your convenience.

The IQ Elite you encounter offers you the best control over your Online Dating experience, allowing you to progress at your own pace in order for you to secure a fantastic relationship.

Relationships, Intelligence Tests and Psychology

It takes more than a location and age boundary to find ‘the one’. With IQ Elite, you do not only express exactly what you wish to, tell the IQ Elite community what you are looking for and connect with the people you find interesting. You get the opportunity to take part in several Intelligence tests to scientifically bring you and your perfect match closer together and make you a couple in reality. On IQ Elite you get the opportunity to include your favourite music books and films to help you spark conversations with members with similar passions.

The other Intelligence tests at IQ Elite can be viewed at ‘The scientific reasoning behind Intelligence Tests’.

All the above reasons are more than enough to convince you to invest in subscription to a dating website such as IQ Elite. The benefits are certainly very appealing. For more information regarding IQ Elite, visit their website and see for yourself – IQ Elite.