What not to do at Online Dating

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What not to do at Dating

The title of this Article is pretty self-explanatory. It may be amusing for you to know, some members do employ the following traits when interacting on some dating websites. At IQ Elite we suggest it is not such a good idea to do the following, as you will not be able to find the perfect, most ambitions and ideal partner for you.

1. Not being truthful about your looks.

There is an abundance of online daters who use photos that are several years old to make them more alluring. On IQ Elite, when you display a profile and describe your physical features, we fully recommend you are truthful. That way you will find your perfect partner and someone who wants ‘you’.

2. Expressing yourself in an arrogant or negative manner.

It is not ideal to talk about negative experiences you may have encountered in the past. Keep the past in the past. There is no reason to bring it into your future. All relationships are ‘two-way’, make sure both of you contribute towards the conversation.

3. Sending the same message to several recipients (copying and pasting).

Each message you send should be original and unique to each person you send one to. If you are sending the same message to many people, perhaps you do not have time for dating. If words are not your forte, observe how others respond to you and use that as a guideline.

4. Communicating with only ‘good-looking’ members.

The ’said person’ will most likely receive a regular bombardment of emails and there may be a slim chance of her/him finding your interest ‘and’ finding it interesting. That is why it is essential to display an interesting profile – to attract attention. But be realistic with your searches.

5. ‘Fibbing’ about your relationship status.

There is nothing worse than getting into a situation where you have been communicating well, a ‘meet up’ is on the cards but you have not been truthful about your looks / personality / mannerism. Do not put yourself in the awkward situation of having to ‘re-write’ your life in order to get a meet-up with a member if they are after a relationship. It is also not fair on them.

6. Appearing passive rather than being an active member.

If you are not committed to a dating website and approach it with half of your attention it puts other member and you, at a disadvantage.

There are many, many ‘how-to’ guides available. Treat this more of a ‘How-not-to’ guide.

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