IQ Elite User Experience 3

Now this is where the exciting bit happens…..finding the one for me!

As I scan the Homepage I quickly notice how all the pictures are clear. This is good for someone like me (and I can imagine a lot of you out there) as I am very visual and respond to things I like the look of.

My first instinct is to go to the Quick Matches as it is at the top of the page so I’m guessing it is very effective. As I said before, the picture quality is very good with also basic information of the person with simple options to choose from. This seems a nice quick way to say I am interested in someone before I delve into the ‘Science’ of matchmaking.

Quick Matches was, as the name suggests quick and easy to complete. When I have a few moments spare that would be the area of the website I would most likely go. The ‘People Nearby’ area was fantastic also, another quick was to communicate. Winking was a great thing to do, so it casually tells the receiver that you are interested in them. ‘Browse Members’ also has the feel that I am able to quickly get in touch with members with similar qualities to me.

Scientific Matches is very interesting. They have compiled a list of Matches of people who are closest to my own results of all the tests I completed. All the hard work is done for me! Fantastic! All details are shown regarding how we compare to each other. In this section I have the added option to ‘fine tune’ my criteria even further to make them as specific as I like.

This is a fantastic and accurate way to match and link members together. After spending a short length of time I have received a couple winks and people have visited my Profile. Great news.