IQ Elite User Experience 2

Hello again everyone, My first impression of IQ Elite is that it is very clean, well laid out and easy to find what I want – let’s see if that continues!

The first thing that brings attention to my eye is the Quick Question at the top of the page but I wish to complete my profile first as much as I can – since that is what will determine if a girl clicks on my profile – so I want to make it as well as possible!

I wish for people to see what I look like so uploading photos is essential for me. I found it quick and easy to do. I liked that I could upload lots of pictures!

Inserting all of my data was also very easy to do and it did not take too much time. One thing I was particularly fond of was the Quick Questions. They were fun to fill out. Plus I had the option whether to fill certain ones out and that it was not mandatory for me to do so.

It was great to see when I went back to my homepage that my profile was nearly complete and that I had already some matches!

Before I searched I wanted to ensure I would get the most accurate results, so I decided to complete the tests available to me.

All of them were simple to complete. I was very impressed the results were instantaneous and there was a detailed explanation of the results and what they each meant so I was not confused at all! There was also the opportunity for me to receive a further detailed report on the results. By the looks of it, IQ Elite really look after their members, providing so much advice and explanations – this ‘extra’ detail was available to me if I had Premium Membership – this is definitely an incentive to get it!

Now all my details are up-to-date, I can now start searching and interacting with other members!