IQ Elite User Experience 1

Hello everyone, Firstly I would like to thank IQ Elite for giving me the opportunity to post my experience publicly. At least all of you will find out what it is like for other people using their service. My name is Josh and am 30 years old living in Barcelona. I thought it was time that I really look for a woman to settle down with, so a friend recommended IQ Elite for me. I guess I was attracted to the thought of meeting someone who is as ambitious, has similar interests and is of a similar intelligence to myself. So here goes…

I approached the homepage. It looked clean and professional for me so I felt it was a good recommendation from my friend. I liked the fact I could take an IQ Test (as well as other tests) – not only would it be great for me to know my own intelligence, but it was be a great idea to be ‘matched’ with someone who has similar traits as me.

I felt comfortable to continue with my registration and to know the test would only take 10 minutes – not too long and not too short. I had never completed anything like this before but the website reassured me it was a test for anyone to complete. Perfect!

There were colourful and varying types of question which made it very interesting and comfortable for me to complete. I especially liked the fact of receiving my results almost immediately.

Accessing the website was so simple. The first page I came to provided me with all the information I needed regarding what there is for me to do on IQ Elite.

Now I have registered, let the full experience begin!