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"I believe I have found the one" - Kasia

You've discovered the best approach to find your perfect match. We developed an advanced and powerful algorithm, based on extensive academic and scientific research in the field of romantic compatibility, to make sure you finally meet your ideal partner!

Our unique recipe for success relies on mixing a wide variety of relevant tools for predicting relationship success - such as personality, emotional intelligence, love style, interests, etc. - with the result of your IQ test. Our "elite matches" are tailor-made and especially sent to you, which significantly enhances your chances to meet that special someone who has all the right qualities to become "the one".

Kasia (Barcelona) writes: "We have now been engaged for two weeks, and I would never have agreed to it if I wasn't sure about Damian. I believe I have found "the one". Thanks IQ Elite!"

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Recipe for Success

  1. First of all, personality is an essential indicator of compatibility.

    Based on the "similarity-attraction hypothesis", studies show that the more similar two individuals are, the higher the attraction between them. It is usually reassuring and comforting to meet others who are like us. Similar people validate our beliefs about the world and ourselves, and facilitate harmonious interactions, reducing the risk of conflicts and disagreements (Dijkstra, Barelds, Groothof, Ronner & Nauta, 2012).

    However, in general, people tend to underestimate the importance of finding a partner with a similar personality. The notion that opposites attract is a relatively popular theory of romantic attraction: people often think that individuals who possess complementary characteristics are highly attractive as a partner (Barelds and Dijkstra, 2007). In contrast, looking for someone who is similar to oneself may be perceived as boring.

    These theories may confuse people and lead them away from what they truly desire in a partner (Dijkstra & Barelds, 2008). That's why we often start relationships with individuals with such different personalities than our own, increasing our chances of relationship break-up. For instance, during a study in The Netherlands, almost 40% of the divorcees report mismatches in personalities as the major cause of their break-up (De Graaf, 2006).

    Our Swiss 16PT Personality Test is derived from the scientific MBTI personality test, which was based initially on Carl Jung's work and later on extended by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs. According to their theory, we can define personality according to four different dimensions:

    • Extraversion (E) vs. Introversion (I)
    • Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)
    • Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)
    • Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)

    In total, there are 16 different personality types. Inherent strengths and weaknesses are associated with each one. When you know your personality type, you can take advantage of the strengths and downplay the weaknesses. In addition, you can use this valuable source of knowledge when selecting a compatible partner.

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  2. Monogamy closely correlates to intelligence: Individuals prefer, and usually select, partners with a similar IQ. - (Dijkstra, Barelds, Groothof, Ronner & Nauta, 2012).

    IQ Elite's MV2G IQ Test is composed of multiple-choice questions, and is a reliable indicator of a person's intelligence. However, it doesn't measure cognitive dimensions that would be part of a broader IQ definition - such as kinesthetic ability, or musical intelligence. You can either take a short version, or a longer, even more precise version of the IQ Test.

    • MV2G Sprint: 19 questions, administered in just ten minutes. It offers a quick estimation of intelligence with impressive accuracy.
    • MV2G Pro certified: 52 questions, focused on areas such as mathematical-arithmetic, verbal-logical and visual-spatial abilities. The test takes 35 minutes and offers superior reliability.

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  3. In addition to this, a person's agreeableness* level has often been cited by studies as a major success indicator in their private life. - (Barelds & Dijkstra, 2007; Botwin, Buss, & Shackelford, 1997)

    * Agreeableness is a personality trait which makes people kind, sympathetic, cooperative, warm and considerate. (Source: Wikipedia)

    This is closely related to EQ, or "Emotional Quotient", which is a measurement of emotional intelligence (EI), developed for the first time by psychologist Reuven Bar-On in 2006. He defines emotional intelligence as being concerned with effectively understanding oneself and others, relating well to people, and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings to be more successful in dealing with environmental demands. Bar-On argues that EI develops over time and that it can be improved through training, programming, and therapy.

    "EQ can mean the difference between love and hate, violence and non-violence, and, ultimately, war and peace." Hein, (1996). EQ for Everybody.

    IQ Elite's EQ Test measures the most important competences which define your EQ. In fact, the EQ consists of five components:

    • Self Awareness
    • Self Management
    • Self Motivation
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Management

    In romantic relationships, a high EQ of both partners is directly related to greater chances to build a long-lasting, happy and fulfilling relationship. So, "healthy emotional intimacy requires two sensitive and aware people; you can't create it alone. What you can do alone, however, is work on elevating your own EQ so you will increase your odds of attracting and keeping a healthy, happy partner." Hein, (1996). EQ for Everybody.

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IQ + Personality + EQ

The addition of the EQ concept to the concepts of personality and intelligence has completed our view of the human psychology. Now psychologists know that every person has a personality, a certain level of IQ and a certain level of EQ.

These three academic factors are the main pillars of our recipe for success. We created a highly accurate, complex matching algorithm, which gives you the best tailor-made, scientific matches, selected especially for you - so that you find that special someone whom you are searching for.

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