The Evolution of Dating

Dating Evolution
The Evolution of Dating

Dating has been around since men and women have been attracted to one another. Dating’s main objective is finding a companion. This has been the case for decades. There is no disgrace in being alone, but it is often thought a preference of having a partner in life who you are comfortable with. In the past, dating used to be seen as a formal ritual, whereas now, it is a casual episode. There is no longer an expected age to get married, and companionship can range from two weeks, to a lifetime.

The first ‘Dating Agency’ was originally set up by vicars who produced a list of people ‘they‘ thought were compatible to be married. Social class was the main factor which determined the match between individuals – only with people who were in the same social class.

Mid 1800’s

The first break for individuals’ access to the dating world was with the creation of the printing press
Men who wished to find a companion often advertised in local newspapers. The following was in an Arkansas newspaper:

"Any gal that got a bed, calico dress and coffee pot, knows how to cut out britches and can make a hunting shirt, knows how to take care of children can have my services till death do us part." (MSNBC Interactive, 2012).


This era saw an increase in romance paying a role where ‘courtship’ was more elaborate and formal – with having a watchful eye from parents of both sides.


Computers brought a major part in bringing dating services and agencies to the world. Love matches were found even easier – including a ‘pre-screening’ process – something that newspapers or phones could not provide – photos.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are now the new fast-paced society replacing the ‘not so fast’ computer. They are portable therefore allowing singles to find someone special discreetly instantly and intimately. Singles can find a special companion for themselves ‘on-the-go’

With Premium dating websites such as IQ Elite, once registration is complete, interaction is instantaneously available to the user. A ‘gift’ or message or ‘shout out’ could be sent to other singles in their area, who have certain criteria searched by the individual, who are willing to communicate.

The growth of intimacy has been supressed due to the fact we are involved in less interaction with each other. Also the thrill of meeting someone by chance had diminished as less people now search for partner ‘physically’ – it is easier, and more convenient to do it online.

The future

The future of the Dating industry will be online where users will be able to incorporate a more interactive experience - i.e. users can ask their own questions, choose factors that they feel are most important to them and match other members who share the same desires and traits as themselves – therefore producing their own ‘matching algorithm’.