Success Story - Uram and Lara

Written by Uram

Location: Istanbul/Turkey

Occupation: Uram is a fireman and Lara is a nurse

Couple since January 2012

My name is Uram, I'm from Istanbul, Turkey and I'm here to share my story on IQ Elite. I registered in September 2011 after having been invited by a colleague.

I first used the website to learn more about my IQ, personality, etc. but never really used it to find love. But when Lara came to me, I totally changed my mind! Lara's profile was interesting, I particularly liked the way she answered the ice-breaker questions. She was being very creative and wasn't afraid of telling some private information. And I have to say, she was beautiful in her profile picture! So I didn't hesitate - I replied right away and we started talking.

Those chats didn't last very long; we decided to meet just one week after our first message. We met in a coffee shop. We stayed there for four hours, just talking and talking. Lara is a very smart woman; she is open-minded, has a solid all-round education and I love the way she positively brings up different topics! When the café closed, we didn't want to leave each other so we went to have dinner in a restaurant and spent the whole evening together. This first date was wonderful; I didn't see the time fly by!

So we met again, two weeks later – actually, we both wanted to meet earlier but we couldn't find the time due to our very busy jobs. On our second date, we went to the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest covered markets in Istanbul. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, just walking around and looking at the variety of colors. This is where, again, she took the first step: she's the one who sparked off our first kiss! I was so happy, but so embarrassed at the same time! I wasn't used to dating someone who forges ahead! But with Lara, everything was different.

It's now five months that we've been dating and we're now thinking about moving in together! I would like to thank the IQ Elite Team; they've done a great job with this website!

And for the ones who haven't been lucky yet, never give up!

Translated from Turkish

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