Success Story - Magdalena and Marcin

Written by Marcin

Location: Warsaw/Poland

Occupation: Magdalena is a Graphic Designer, Marcin is Chemist

Couple since June 2011

A friend recommended that I try IQ Elite. At first, I was a bit suspicious of this “exclusivity and intelligent people” thing, but I have to admit that I didn’t have any success on other dating platforms; I just wasn’t able to connect with the people there. Their conversations usually bored me so much that I couldn’t even be bothered to go on a date with one of them.

I started messaging a woman that really hooked me; a charming and smart profile can really do wonders to get unique conversations going. From the usual chit-chat like “how are you, where are you from, what do you do for a living?”, we very quickly moved to more interesting topics, without getting too personal. I have to admit that Magdalena -- that’s her name by the way -- gets the art of conversation. On our first date, it was even better! We didn’t know what topic we should talk about, because we had already started so many when we were messaging online. I almost didn’t kiss her at the end of our date, but after we said goodbye to each other and were already on our way back home, I turned around and ran after her. Luckily, I found her before she could board the bus. I can’t even remember what I said... I think I just stopped and kissed her. It was the best first kiss I ever had.

We went on many more dates, and the first impression I got of her through IQ Elite was confirmed. She is a fun, modest, and really strong-minded person. Yes, sometimes it can lead to heated discussions, but at the end of the day we harmonize incredibly well; I need someone who is able to stand up for her own opinion and talk back to me.

After three months of dating, we decided to become a couple, and are thinking about moving in together very soon. I recently asked Magdalena what she was thinking when she saw me running after her. “This is better than in those romantic movies”, she told me.

Translated from Polish

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