Success Story - Lisa and Antonio

Written by Lisa

Location: Buenos Aires/Argentina

Occupation: Lisa is a Photographer, Antonio a Journalist

Couple since August 2011

Hello, I would just like to say thank you to IQ Elite for helping me find my new boyfriend! It has been quite a while since I felt this way for someone. Actually, I thought I wasn’t capable of having these feelings again, but here they are!

Antonio started messaging me on IQ Elite out of the blue. On his first message I didn’t reply, because his profile wasn't really that interesting. Two weeks later, I received another message. I had a second look at his profile, and noticed that he had actually put some effort into presenting himself! I really liked what I read; it was witty, funny, and charming. We messaged back-and-forth for about two weeks, until we finally met in-person.

We both love cooking and preparing cocktails. On our first date, Antonio suggested that we go to an Asian cooking course. To be honest, the idea was very cute, but I would have liked a more private first meet-up, since we didn't know each other in-person yet. But still, it was good fun, even though our Thai curry soup was a complete disaster! Unfortunately, I didn't really pay attention to the amount of chillies I put in there. We tried a couple of spoons, but it was just impossible to eat! Our tongues went numb and almost fell off!

From the very beginning, I loved spending time with Antonio. I instantly felt comfortable around him, as if I had already known him for months. After that first date, we met at least once or twice a week. I think the largest amount of time we had spent together has been in the kitchen. We now have cooking and cocktail-making competitions with one another! I think I can make better cocktails and desserts, but he is almost unbeatable when it comes to cooking a main dish. After a few months, we decided to move in together, and it’s going great so far! We have the best-equipped kitchen ever, and invite friends over all the time... it’s great! Thanks IQ Elite!

Translated from Spanish

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