The scientific reasoning behind Intelligence Tests

Intelligence Science
The science behind Intelligence Tests

There are several versions of Intelligence tests, each identifying a specific ‘area’ of your character. On IQ Elite there are four areas that are tested, IQ, Emotional IQ, Personality, and Love Style. What does each of these factors mean, and how do they help in the search for the ‘perfect partner’?

IQ Test

The purpose of measuring ones IQ is to provide a comparison between their mental and chronological age. Your score is directly related to the general population. A score of ‘100’ is classed as being the average score. Anything below this is considered to be a ‘low normal’ and any score above, a ‘high normal’. Mensa, an organisation where the 98th Percentile (1 in 50 people) have IQ’s of over 130, host regional and national gatherings for some of the smartest minds in the country.

IQ Elite aims to match its members with similar IQ’s so that you can have conversations at your own intelligence level.

Emotional IQ

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to evaluate, perceive and control one’s emotions and many skills regarding influencing your ability to cope in different situations, pressures ad demands. Results can help monitor feelings and using them to guide their actions and thinking.

IQ Elite provides a test revealing measurements of competencies – stress tolerance happiness, problem solving factors. The higher your Emotional Intelligence, it is understood you tend to be rather good at interpreting and acting upon emotions, dealing with emotional conflicts and expressing your feelings.


The personality tests that are performed on IQ Elite will indicate to other members your interests and attitudes in various aspects. It will also provide an insight on an individual’s particular view on the world illuminating social and personal manners of their behaviour, also their thoughts and feelings of the world around them.

The tools of measuring personality are essential when the results are used connectedly with relationships as it will aid IQ Elite to generate lasting, successful relationships.

Love Style

As proven with research, perception of satisfaction success of a relationship is brought about differently depending on the diverse attitudes towards love. Relationships and love are the most elemental factors of a human experience

This is why IQ Elite is so exclusive - it provides the best possible chances for you to meet your perfect match.