Are Extroverts and Introverts compatible?

Opposites Attract
Do opposites attract?

There has always been a great debate whether there is compatibility between Introverts and Extroverts.

I have heard that they both do very well together in a relationship. I personally am aware of several relationships where the man is introverted and the female is extroverted. They work quite well as for example the woman may go out and meet friends while the man may stay in and keep his own space.

The extrovert may make the introvert feel more energised and the introvert has someone to build up their confidence and presence in social environments bringing out the fun, loud side of them. Whereas, the introvert brings out the tender hearted, caring side of the extrovert.

Some significant traits people look for in a potential partner.

Physical attractiveness – There has to be a certain aspect of this in order for people to initially ‘approach’ someone else to start a conversation in the hope for it to progress. We all need a certain level of attractiveness similarly to our own.

Desire for children – Similar desire for a family is ideal, but in all situations there can be a form of compromise if the couple think differently of this situation.

Class – It is known that one often tries to find a partner from a similar ‘class’ to their own. It is very rare you see an Upper-class individual dating a Lower-class individual.

Religion – If individuals respect the others’ differences in views and tolerate their views there should be no restrictions to partnerships.

Money – Some may find it shallow, but there are some people who will go for others who for just the money. Make sure you are aware of this.

Education – Education for most is an important factor for people finding a similar person with similar intelligence to themselves. You should be able to be adaptable in your conversations and talk, interact, and share views about the world.


However, a study by the University of Iowa in 2005 discovered there were more factors, beyond those described above, that attracted different personality types together. The attitudes assessed by researchers indicated more than the standard factors described above. These ‘extra’ factors include conscientiousness, anxiety and agreeableness. The couple who have more in common in their personalities were more likely to be happy and satisfied in a relationship.

A study in 2009 with online daters, the results indicated, the majority wanted to find someone that represented their opposite with the intention they would ‘balance them out’. However, the people they connected with have very similar personalities to their own even though they were the opposite (Extrovert or Introvert).