Alternative Date Ideas

Alternative Date Ideas
Alternative Date Ideas

Dates these days have got awfully predictable. It can be very difficult coming up with ideas as you just never know how ‘different or risqué you should be for this occasion.

You should definitely not invite your date to your house – they would find this very creepy I am sure. Below are some alternatives that could keep your mind at ease for deciding what to do on a first date.


Both girls and guys like shopping, especially if the man needs to buy something specific. This will bring you closer and get to know more about each other tastes as both of you will be involved in the decision making. Plus it is always nice to get a second opinion. But – Be careful your date does not ‘expect’ you to buy them anything.


It is such a relaxing and fun environment looking at other animals. There are always a wide range of animals in zoo’s as well as bird sanctuaries. A learning experience for both of you. Feeding animals is another way to care and spend quality time together, showing you have got a caring side. However, if it rains the animals may not emerge and the date will not be as successful as once planned.

Wine Tasting

This is a classic alternative to just going to the pub. You are guaranteed to learn something, feel sophisticated and bring a sense of class to the date. Be aware of your state-of-mind whilst tasting the wine. It is advised to leave the embarrassing scenes out of the first date.

Fun Fair

This location gives you an excuse to get close to your date – on the rides. You have the opportunity to win a goldfish, eat candyfloss and have fun on the dodgems. You must keep your maturity levels up though and try not to appear too childish.

Dance Class

Dancing is an ideal way to get up close and personal with your date and a chance to see them ‘strut their stuff’. There is such a wide variety of dance styles – Zumba, Salsa, Tap, Ballroom – a style to suit all. Dancing has its attractions, but try not to get carried away and look like your Dad at a family birthday disco.


Picnics are very thoughtful, romantic and adventurous. You will be able to customise the meal for what your date and yourself prefer. If you pick the correct location, and the weather turns out great, there is no reason why your time together on the picnic will not be perfect.

Sporting Event

When your date takes you to a sporting event, it is a sign they really like you. Whether its tennis, cricket, football or any event, it shows they are sharing something special to them, with you. When something good happen in the event, it is a good opportunity to hug and to bond. But be careful you do not make any naïve comments about the sport especially when you are in earshot of the other supporters. This could prove embarrassing for both you and your date.

Water sports

Jet skiing, canoeing and rowing are a chance for the girls to sit back and relax and the guys to show off. If you really fancy ‘pushing the boat out’, you could always hire a yacht for a few hours. Check if your date is afraid of the sea or water first, it would be a real ‘dampener’ on the day if they were.


You could have some fun shooting your date. It could be a talking point afterwards to assess the ‘battle wounds’. It is also a good excuse to dress up like in the army. If your date is not the best at Paintball, try not to be too eager to pummel them with too many pellets.