• Europeans or Americans?

    Who are more intelligent - Europeans or Americans?

    In the past, Europe appeared to be the most intelligent and strongest continent in the world – mainly due to their colonization – i.e. the British Empire and Europe helping countries follow the European model of Industrialization. Read more »

  • IQ Elite User Experience 1

    Hello everyone, Firstly I would like to thank IQ Elite for giving me the opportunity to post my experience publicly. At least all of you will find out what it is like for other people using their service. My name is Josh and am 30 years old living in Barcelona. I thought it was time that I really look for a woman to settle down with, so a friend recommended IQ Elite for me. I guess I was attracted to the thought of meeting someone who is as ambitious, has similar interests and is of a similar intelligence to myself. So here goes… Read more »

  • IQ Elite User Experience 2

    Hello again everyone, My first impression of IQ Elite is that it is very clean, well laid out and easy to find what I want – let’s see if that continues! Read more »

  • pay_online_dating

    Why pay for online dating?

    There are quite a few choices of dating site you do not have to pay for. So it would beg the question, why would anyone consider paying for the same service? The answer is - you do not get the same service. You get a better, more defined service. It should be viewed as an ‘investment’. Read more »

  • Addiction_to_Online_Dating

    Why online dating is so addictive

    I experienced a short period of ’cold turkey’ from online dating. But I am back to the floods of smiling profile thumbnail pictures luring me into their world with promises they are the one for me and they need my enduring love in their life. Read more »

  • Alternative Date Ideas

    Alternative Date Ideas

    Dates these days have got awfully predictable. It can be very difficult coming up with ideas as you just never know how ‘different or risqué you should be for this occasion. Read more »

  • Dating Advice

    Advice for Dates

    There are several boundaries it is advised for you to keep to regarding dating to ensure your personal safety, happiness and overall well-being. Read more »

  • advantage-of-online-dating

    Advantages of Online Dating with IQ Elite

    The internet is a fantastic tool to bring intelligent, ambitious compatible people together, establishing friendships, relationships, romance or love. It would be an ideal situation is you found someone ‘on your wavelength’ and of similar IQ along with personality, emotional and love factors. Below are a few reasons you should Date Online especially with IQ Elite. Read more »

  • Dating no's

    What not to do at Online Dating

    The title of this Article is pretty self-explanatory. It may be amusing for you to know, some members do employ the following traits when interacting on some dating websites. At IQ Elite we suggest it is not such a good idea to do the following, as you will not be able to find the perfect, most ambitions and ideal partner for you. Read more »