Advice for Dates

Dating Advice
What to do and what not to do on a date

There are several boundaries it is advised for you to keep to regarding dating to ensure your personal safety, happiness and overall well-being.

Say ‘yes’ to things you want to do, and ‘no’ to those that you don’t want to do. This will help you stay on track and not give away the ‘key to your heart’ straight away.

Neither of you would want to sit through the starters in an awkward silence.

Set boundaries

Keep to the boundaries you choose, hold off sexual involvement only when you are ready, do not class yourself as being an exclusive couple too early on, and do not react mindlessly if you are pursued by anyone, keep your cool. It is also best to compromise when dating as both parties must feel involved in the relationship. Pace yourself, your date will appreciate you doing this – it does not feel like you are rushing into anything.

It is often best to bring ‘reason’ to the date. Chemistry is one of the main factors to determine if she is best for you. You need to be the chooser in these situations and keep that boundary.

Do not reveal all your ‘secrets’ too early on into the relationship or announce your love to the other after date number three. Use your own judgement regarding timing to ‘reveal things’ to your new partner.

Ask questions

Ask your date questions to keep the conversation going, ask about her history – where she grew up, or even what foods she enjoys eating. If you are also nice and generous to other people i.e. the waiters, she will notice this and will tick a positive next to your personality. When the bill arrives on the table, pick it up. If she offers to pay, you should decline politely – maybe suggest she buys an after-meal drink. After the meal, go in for a kiss. She may like the confidence.


In order for a date to work, develop and have lastingness, contributions must come from both sides – if one contributes less, the other will most likely have to pick up the slack and contribute more to ‘fill in the gaps’. Imbalance would be created and should not occur within a dating relationship.

The next step

Contacting your date afterwards I tricky. It is all about timing. Send a text saying you had a wonderful time, thoroughly enjoyed your time with them and you hope to see them soon. Contact a few days after the first date to organise you second date.