Why online dating is so addictive

Addiction to Online Dating

I experienced a short period of ’cold turkey’ from online dating. But I am back to the floods of smiling profile thumbnail pictures luring me into their world with promises they are the one for me and they need my enduring love in their life.

I am currently in communication with a lovely brunette lady and wondering why I ever left. A long standing issue I had with online dating was the number of people that were not intellectually in the same ‘league’ as me. Very often you get excited when a message from a new person is sent to you then you will start to read their profile and you are disappointed with their intelligence levels.

Since becoming a member of IQ Elite I have been introduced to an abundance of members not only with similar interests and in near proximity to myself but they are on the same wavelength to me intellectually.

The popularity of IQ Elite has proved to be immense as most of the time there are at least 1000 members online at any one time, so if I want to connect with more women than my daily recommended Scientific Matches I can as I know that the other members must have some intelligence as they had to pass the initial IQ Test when in order to register onto IQ Elite.

Someone you are in communication with who has an appealing, stunning profile and similar interests is very addictive and in reality you do not think that such an attractive individual would talk with you. But it is proven that once background information and details are shared between individual, looks and appearances swiftly slide down the list of essentials when you want to meet someone new.

And when you eventually meet together for the first time you hope that they are all they built you up to believe who they are and what they are like. It is the initial sense of anticipation and euphoric feelings that run through your veins that is the ‘buzz’ of online dating.